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What is Gel Polish?

Gel polish (Shellac) is a gel polish that is applied on your natural nails to strengthen and enhance appearance which is good for short natural nails. It can last up to 3 weeks and can also be applied on top of powder extension. 

What is Acrylic powder?

Acrylic powder is bonded with liquid to apply onto nail tips to create longer artificial nails. You can have it with normal polish or gel polish. We recommend customers to have a infill every 2-3 weeks which is usually when your nail grows out. Customers should take off their extensions after the 3rd or before 2 months which ever comes first.

What is SNS Dipping powder?

SNS is a healthy dipping powder that strengthens and grows your natural nails and has vitamins and calcium ingredients. It is better for clients who are trying to grow their natural nails. As its powder base it is stronger and doesn't chip or peel. Customers will have to soak off in acetone and redo every time but it dissolves quicker than other appplications. Customers can have it on top of nail tips but we recommend the colour powder or acrylics.

What is Colour powder?

Colour powder is applied with a brush similar to acrylic powder or gel powder but the colour is inside the powder. Colour powder shape comes out flawless and last longer as their is no chipping or peeling. You can also have more designs such as ombre, embedded nail design, powder scuplturing and much more.

Im new to having nail enhancement, what should I have on my nails?

We recommend new customers to start of with a Gel Manicure for customers who want to tidy up their natural nails and put a strong colour on. If customers want something stronger we recommend SNS dipping powder. For customers who want longer nails you can have acrylic extension or colour powder.

Do you use MMA?

No, we do not use MMA. We use EMA and only use the best quality products which reflects on our work and price.

What is best for bitten nails?

We recommend to have acrylic, gel or colour powder to enhance the look and length of your nails.

What is the difference between Gel powder and Gel polish?

Gel powder is a clear powder and better alternative to acrylic powder that mixed with monomer to create a strong formula to extend nails. Gel polish is a strong and long lasting polish that can be applied on natural nails or extension.

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