Loyalty Scheme & FAQ.

Loyalty Scheme

How Loyalty point reward works

£1.00 spent = 1 point earned 
To redeem £5.00 = 250 points 150 points is required 

To register and earn loyalty points book online and quote your name upon payment.



You can register in store by providing your name, number and email. Please ask a member of staff upon payment.

Once registered you only need to provide your name upon payment.


You can check your points in store or online by clicking view sale on email receipt, click on profile and then view your loyalty balance points.

You can redeem £5, £10, £15 or a free 
service just ask upon payment

Want to ear

Gel polish (Shellac) is a gel polish that is applied on your natural nails to strengthen and enhance appearance which is good for short natural nails. It can last up to 3 weeks and can also be applied on top of powder extension. 

SNS is a healthy dipping powder that strengthens and grows your natural nails and has vitamins and calcium ingredients. It is better for clients who are trying to grow their natural nails. As its powder base it is stronger and doesn't chip or peel. Customers will have to soak off and redo every time but it dissolves fairly quick

What is fullset acrylics?
What should I have on my nails?
What is best for bitten nails?
What is best for bitten nails?

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