4 Layer Protection | Breathable Material | CE Compliance | PPE Test Approved

50 Face Mask (4 Layers)

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  • Disposable Face Mask. Breathable material Prevent discharge from mouth and nose. Use against daily dust. Prevent the spread of viruses. Sun protection and UV protection. This product contains: White and Blue non-woven fabric Filter paper & specialised carbon paper Elastic wearing ears Nasal splint for nose adjustment Face Mask Measurements: Length 17.5cm Width 9.5cm How to use: 1 - Place the rim of the face mask on the bridge of the nose, the white cloth in contact with the skin of the face. 2 - Put the elastic strap behind your ear, gently squeeze the nasal splint to cover the bridge of your nose. 3 - Pull and adjust the entire mask to fit the entire nose, mouth and chin. Manufacturer A product of CUU LONG LTD